The new face of farming. What the hell does that even mean?

Some things in the agricultural industry always remain the same, no matter what decade you’re in: Early hours, long stretches of time being tied to your land, a maddening overuse of the word “moist,” an acute awareness of the weather, and clothes that never seem to come clean.

Oh, and my fingernails are perpetually cracked, with a slight ring of dirt under them. I gave up manicured nail maintenance a long time ago.

In the cannabis industry, we’re really not much different than any other agriculture sectors. We produce a plant that grows in dirt. The catch is that the local, state and federal government treats cannabis like tiny nuclear weapons that must be closely monitored and controlled.

And because we’re a new industry, all of the “don’t use the hairdryer in the shower” type regulations are in full force.

Still, it’s important for us at Giving Tree Farms to remain teachable. Improving processes and not being a know-it-all is a top priority. My husband and I are never satisfied with our quality, and our quest for perfection helps open our eyes to new cultivate methods.  

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Photo courtesy of Brooke Cagle. Check out her shots. They are a-may-zing.