Cannabis Flower Review by Brian Applegarth [Pineapple Magazine]

Brian Applegarth reviews and reports on seasonal, small batch craft cannabis grown in the northern California region.

FLOWERS: The cannabis flowers we review and feature are sun grown, organic, and cultivated in The Emerald Triangle. The Emerald Triangle is a three county region located in northern California. This region is considered a leading authority on cannabis plant genetics and breeding. Its inhabitants have been perfecting their cultivation craft for generations.

METHODOLOGY: We select one flower per month to taste, experience, analyze and review. We independently journal each unique dosing experience. After twenty one days of journaling we compare data and identify patterns. The Bapple Report official dose consists of two deep full draws of cannabis smoke or vape; a fluid inhale, exhale breath pattern.

Featured Flower
• Tangie Key Lime grown by Giving Tree Farms
• Mendocino County Appellation
• Tangie x Key Lime Pie Giving Tree

• This flower has been referred to as “summer in a bottle”. An incredibly bright inviting citrus aroma and earthy sweet tangerine taste. Tangie Key Lime pairs well with Sunday morning chores or a live music event. Energy, euphoria with the ability to accomplish tasks. Recommended for the functional daytime micro-doser. o