Giving Tree Farms offers a strong variety of benefits to eligible and licensed distributors, manufacturers, retailers and brands actively seeking more desirable product sales among both white-labeled and branded product lines. Our farms concentrate on one job, and one job only: to make you the best in the business. We accomplish that through a strong three-prong approach in which we:

  • Work individually with clients to plan + customize their product needs
  • Cultivate an unparalleled product based on those needs
  • Deliver consistently and predictably independent of season or circumstance



Whether you prefer traditional, trendy, obscure or experimental genetics, we go to work for you acting as your outsourced growth lab.

The advantages of partnering with Giving Tree go beyond the product itself and extend into a newfound type of leverage that most competitors are not able to enjoy: the luxury of never having to concern themselves with where and when they're sourcing their product again. We'll work with you side-by-side to not only cultivate, but plan, effectively removing an all-too-common business challenge experienced by brands and dispensaries alike: inconsistency and unpredictability. Whether you're small or large; boutique or commercial, we can work with you to determine your product supply needs based on current and past trends, both industry-wide and organization specific. 

Preferred partnership with Giving Tree is based on tiers and allows our clients to purchase premium product at preferred rates. 

It's our intention to work with our partners and clients in a meaningful way to accelerate their business growth, and therefore we work with certain parameters designed to advance your success, as well as ours. Preferred partners receive the benefits of a customized harvest according to schedule (you can absolutely pre-order in advance) as well as favorable pricing otherwise unavailable to the general client base. 

Individual orders are also welcome on a first come, first serve basis, pending availability, for a fair market rate. However, no guarantees are available given our primary commitment to our preferred clients. 

Incentivized distributors, retailers and brands are welcome to contact us below to discuss next steps. We'll reach back out to you within 24 hours to determine whether or not we might be the farm for you!

A very special thanks to Todd Quackenbush for providing the beautiful image featured on this page.