Cannabis Certifications - Should I Get One?

In today’s booming cannabis industry, there’s the constant question of, “How do I stand out from the crowd?” It seems like these days it’s just as hard to find a good buyer as it is for the buyer to find a good farmer. We know it’s important to communicate with our customers that we go above and beyond to ensure that the product we produce is not only great for our consumer’s health, but also sustainably and organically grown.

So, how do we convey that?

Cannabis certifications. That’s the only trusted way to have a credible voice (that’s not your own) support and advocate for your farm, communicating with the masses what they want to hear. Your customers don’t know you on a personal level, but they can see the stamp of approval from a recognized and respected source to know that you are a company they can get on board with, one that shares their values and consistently produces a quality product they can trust.

It’s important to remember that, as with just about anything, there are companies out there who claim to be more than they are. Therefore, doing your research to find a reputable certifying agency is of the utmost importance. At Giving Tree Farms, we work with The Cannabis Conservancy (TCC). They have different certification options, but we went with the Simply Clean certification to highlight our sustainability efforts. During this process, they reviewed our farm plan, employee training procedures, IPM practices, and product testing, just to name a few. If you’re part of a group, like a co-op or grower association, they can certify each of the farms you work with as well.

Having a certification for your product or brand is a way to communicate with your customer base through a trusted funnel. You provide transparency with your customers that most brands or farms don’t have. You empower your company by conveying consistency and protecting yourself against recalls. Through this application and certification process, you can ensure that every corner is being reviewed, and your customers can feel confident that what they are buying is a product that meets their standards.

What’s the next step?

Check and see if you qualify, or get an idea of what updates you may need to make to meet those requirements. If you want an official opinion, TCC offers a pre-assessment where a TCC auditor will review all areas they would evaluate for a certification and let you know where you stand. If you feel you are ready to take the second step and get the certification process rolling, start by reviewing your options, then submit an application. A cannabis certification is one of the best ways to give yourself a step up in the overcrowded market we call the California Cannabis Industry. If your an organic farmer, use sustainable farming practices, and take importance in water conservation like we do, you deserve to be recognized for that! We as farmers set the example for the future, so let's all grow cleanly together. We hope that one day these farming practices will become the norm.

Happy growing from Giving Tree Farms!