Giving Tree Farms Submits Cultivation Application

MENDOCINO, Cali. (Giving Tree Farms) May 5, 2017 - After attending all the necessary meetings and workshops, Giving Tree Farms has submitted an application to cultivation within a 10,000 square foot canopy in Mendocino County. The Department of Agriculture accepted all necessary forms and started a site inspection would occur within the next 90 days. 

A huge thank you to the Department of Agriculture in Mendocino County for your patience and kindness during this process. Your professionalism will not be forgotten. 

Giving Tree Farms 

Giving Tree Farms joins Mendocino Generations

MENDOCINO, Calif. (Giving Tree Farms) March 1, 2017 - Mendocino Generations is a group of compliant small farmers united in cultivating sun grown, organic cannabis. The groups multi-generational members produce and promote clean cannabis, preserving our culture and community while being respectable stewards of the land.

Arcanna Flowers, sources flowers from permitted farmers within the Mendocino Generations collective who grow organically and work together to find unique solutions to agricultural issues. This collaborative business model was designed to help empower the whole and does so by offering direct support to the members of our network.

Giving Tree Farms is honored to be part of this community and will do continue to support their fellow farmers while venturing into the new frontier of legalization together. 

Farmer Profile: Giving Tree Farms


Feb 7, 2017 - Located in scenic Anderson Valley in Mendocino County, one of the cornerstones of Northern California cannabis and the famous Emerald Triangle, Giving Tree Farms is a specialist in small batch cultivation. Their mission is to get cannabis lovers to look beyond THC when choosing their strains. They use a combination of science and biodynamic farming to develop cannabis strains with complex profiles and potent results. All their strains are cared for using only OMRI-listed nutrients and conscientious water conservation methods. You can purchase Giving Tree Farms strains at any Natural Cannabis Company location. Look for Alien OG, Tahoe OG and Gorilla Glue!

INSTAGRAM: giving.tree.farms

Q: How long have you been in the cannabis business? What got you started?

A: I spent a lot of time in Southern California, following in the footsteps of the three generations before me as a cinematographer. Then a decade ago, I realized that I wanted a simpler life. I moved north to Sonoma to focus on painting and while I was here, I fell in love with cultivating. I love the challenge of growing the perfect cannabis plant, the freedom of entrepreneurship, and exploring the science of this infinitely complex plant.

Q. What makes Giving Tree Farms unique?

A. For too long, cannabis consumption has been about finding the highest THC percentage in the flower. But we think that’s not the point we should be striving for. At Giving Tree Farms, we cultivate high-quality flowers with a variety of strains, so people can find the one that fits their mood, lifestyle and need. So, what’s our secret? Well, first, a well-rounded flower is important. But also, we like to focus on the less familiar cannabinoids, like CBN and CBC. That means the flowers we produce are versatile in effect and designed with the consumer in mind.

Q. What’s something you wish more people knew about your business or cannabis in general?

A. How much variety there is in the plants, and how much science is behind growing well! For example, myrcene is a large contributor to the indica effect, it increasing the blood brain barrier permeability to THC, therefore enhancing the effect of THC. Most people focus only on the actual THC potency, but we also think about how that THC can be absorbed and what compounds are needed to facilitate that function.

Q. If someone could try only one Giving Tree Farms strain, what should it be? Why?

A. In January, we cracked seeds and our spring crop will have some interesting crosses. But if we could bring one strain forward in the batch, check out the Strawberry Malawi X Harle Tsu. We will have 10 other varietals that will be produced in small batches. Some of the other distinct blends are Strawberry Malawi X Dogwalker, Gorilla Glue X Tangie, and Ghost Kush Pakastani X Animal Cookies. 

Q. What’s your favorite part of the cannabis business?

A. The thing we like best about the cannabis business is the sense of community. While it’s a business, with all that entails, we also share knowledge about cultivation techniques, compliance, permitting, licensing, accounting, and just regular business practices. When the industry needs representation, we show up. It truly is a grassroots industry. It’s still prohibited at the federal level and there is a lot of misinformation and prejudice about the industry out there, but we are breaking down stereotypes one by one, and we’re doing it together. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Q. What else should we know?

A. I passionately believe in the power of cannabis to change lives. We have seen it help with chronic pain, as an alternative to addictive pharmaceutical drugs, insomnia, migraines, and overall wellbeing. And our mission is to focus on sustainable techniques to cultivate high-quality plants in a way that respects our limited resources.


Natural Cannabis Company Releases Best of Harvest Collection at California Farmers Showcase

SANTA ROSA, Cali. (PRWEB) OCTOBER 04, 2016 - Natural Cannabis Company is celebrating 28 small farms by releasing a special edition “Best of Harvest” box featuring a gram of each farmer’s best marijuana strains. The box, available for a limited time only, will be released on November 12 at a private Santa Rosa event for growers, media and members of Natural Cannabis Company’s High Society subscription program.

“The wine industry has their events around harvest and so do we,” says Dona Frank, founder and owner of Natural Cannabis Company. “Small farms tend to get overlooked at all these cup events, especially now that so many are tied to corporate interests. We work exclusively with small farms, so we want to recognize their contributions. These farms are growing some of the best cannabis in the world, right here in the Emerald Triangle.”

The Best of Harvest box will be available for pre-order beginning November 1 and retails for $190. Each box contains 28 unique grams (1 oz.) of superior cannabis and are available at all three Natural Cannabis Company Northern California locations: Oakland Organics, Oakland; OrganiCann, Santa Rosa; MendoCann, Hopland. Quantities are limited and expected to sell out quickly.

Participating farms include:

Beezle Gardens “Lemon G”                     
Blazing Oaks “Watermelon Rancher” 
Catalyst Farms “Passion Orange Guava” 
Diamond Farms “Do-Si-Do” 
Dos Rios Farm “Jah-Kush” 
Eel River Farms “Purple Pineapple” 
Giving Tree Farms “Critical Mass” 
Glen Tucky Family Farm “Pre-98” 
GreenShock “Purple Candy” 
Joe’s Farm “Phantom” 
Marley’s Farm “Lemon Garlic OG” 
McNab Cannabis “Memberberry Diesel” 
Mendo Dope Family Farms “Qrazy Train” 
Nara Farms “Durban Mango” 
Next Year Farm “Banjo” 
Perfect Flower Farm “Mendo Glue” 
Queen “Tangie” 
Rio Oso Flowers “Crypt” 
Robinson Creek Farms “Cherry Shish” 
Sage Farms “G5” 
Sog Army “Chem Dawg” 
Stoney Farms “Big Buddha Cheese” 
Strong Mountain Farms “(Pineapple) In the Pines” 
Team Happy Medicine “Burban” 
Trinity Farms “Cindy 99” 
Walnut Lane Farms “Sonoma Valley Grape” 
Yellow Star Farms “Cherry Slider" 
Zsa Zsa Gardens “Amethyst Rose”

The Best of Harvest is just one of the limited edition boxes released by Natural Cannabis Company in 2016. The High Society subscription program offers quarterly boxes packed with quality marijuana products, including flowers, edibles and extracts. High Society members are invited to the California Farmers Showcase and other exclusive events throughout the year. Sign up for High Society now to receive an invite to this November 12 release party, featuring cannabis tastings, food, drinks and entertainment. For more information, visit:

About Natural Cannabis Company

By working only with truly small batch farmers, Natural Cannabis Company offers its customers access to superior quality products and unique cannabis strains. Natural Cannabis Company operates three Northern California dispensary locations: Oakland Organics, Oakland; OrganiCann, Santa Rosa; MendoCann, Hopland.

About High Society

High Society is a quarterly box subscription program featuring unique, superior cannabis products including flowers, extracts and edibles. Boxes range in price from $170 to $300 with the choice to opt-out, if desired. In addition to quarterly boxes of cannabis, members receive a 15% discount on all dispensary purchases and invitations to private industry events. For more information, visit: or any of our three dispensary locations.