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blueberry og_triangle_fire_33867_v10180_cll__60_studio_09.29.14_small_.jpg



Harvest date: October 2018

Ratio: 2:1 (CBD/THC)

Lineage: Cannatonic 2:1 x Afghan Skunk #1

Charlie tends to be happy and relaxing but not too overwhelming, making this a popular choice for many kinds of consumers. This strain is a cross of Cannatonic a high CBD blend and Afghan Skunk which generally produces a THC potency in the high teens. The flowers have a distinct menthol smell combined with the “sweet stink” skunks are known for.

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All prices include the state cultivation tax and the Mendocino County cultivation tax of 2.5% on gross receipts. As a cultivator, we are responsible for the cultivation tax on all harvested cannabis entering the commercial market. Our distributor or manufacturer is required to collect the cultivation tax from us based on the category and weight of the cannabis. The current cannabis cultivation tax categories are:

  • Top Flower & Smalls - Cannabis flowers at $9.25 per dry-weight ounce or $148 per pound, that are harvested, dried, cured, and includes trimmed and untrimmed flower. This category includes whole dried cannabis plants sold to a manufacturer. 
  • Trim - Cannabis leaves at $2.75 per dry-weight ounce, that are harvested, dried, cured, and includes all parts of the cannabis plant other than cannabis flowers.
  • Fresh Frozen - Fresh cannabis plant at $1.29 per ounce that is weighed within two hours of harvesting and includes flowers, leaves, or a combination of flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks cut above the roots, or otherwise removed from the cannabis plant, without further processing, such as any form of drying, curing, or trimming.