Giving Tree Farms is excited to announce an easier way to source material…proactive purchasing. 

When you work with Giving Tree Farms, you get the scale of a farmer-owned cooperative, Hive Mendocino. Consistent with our standards, your order can almost always be filled. And if it’s not by us, one of our sister farms will step in to help.

Let us know if you are interested in bulk hand-trimmed and/or machine-trimmed flowers or consider creating a custom a batch.

Together, we serve you on demand cultivation.


Current inventory 

We specialize in CBD-rich, popular and unique cannabis varieties. Choose from our greenhouse grown or our full season sungrown cultivated harvests.

Strict organic practices & methods -- yes. Chemicals and pesticides -- hells no. 

Customize a planting or a reserve a batch!


fresh & frozen

Fresh frozen cannabis products are harvested and immediately frozen at -30 degrees, ready to be made into live resin or your special blend. 

Fresh frozen cannabis material orders should be reserved at least two weeks prior to harvest. 


dried & cured 

For clients who focus on the full cannabinoid profile or 'full spectrum extract' -- whole plant options for dried and cured cannabis are available by request. 

The process can be customized to your protocols. If you have custom packaging, let us know and we can discuss options.