Microdosing Cannabis - Can it help anxiety?

I never sought after cannabis as a teenager. Unlike most of my peers, I found that cannabis made my already anxiety-ridden thoughts race faster, and ramped up my paranoia to the point that I was convinced everyone around me was judging me in some harsh and irrational way.

In other words, cannabis rarely provided the pleasant and relaxing feeling that left others floating in euphoria.

Don’t get me wrong, I was by no means averse to an altered state of mind. I spent several years partying and using opiates like every day was my last. Fortunately I pulled myself out of the addiction cycle and was sober -- stone cold sober -- for more than a decade.

However, after countless attempts at yoga, meditation, therapy, and every single nervous system tincture sold at Whole Foods, I realized that the anxiety I had long suffered from could not be eased. That’s when I decided to reintroduce cannabis into my life, in the form of microdosing.

Microdosing refers to small, incremental doses of flower, tinctures, edibles or whatever cannabis-based product you desire. My first experience with microdosing was in a joint circle, where I took a tiny puff of flower and and quickly scooted away from the rotation. My friends teased me and said that I was fake smoking, but I didn’t care. My racing thoughts dissipated and I was able to be in the moment. Just one tiny puff was perfect for me. I was in control, and my mind was clear.

Thus began my quest to find the ideal microdose for my body and mind.

For me, one of the most exciting side effects of the legalization of cannabis has been the effort by companies to make consistent cannabis products. What does this have to do with microdosing? It means that companies are now making edibles that are measured carefully for consistency. Instead of trying to take the perfect hit, we can now just pop a 5 milligram perfect dose and know precisely what we’re getting. It takes all the guesswork out of ingesting cannabis, and it’s significantly easier to find your perfect dose.

Think of it this way: When buying a pack of beer or a bottle of wine, the alcohol content listed on the product helps someone determine whether that drink is right for them. It’s really no different when it comes to modern day cannabis products. For anyone looking to microdose cannabis, controlling the amount of CBD or THC is critical.

Much of the anxiety people experience from cannabis is due to ingesting too large of a dose. In some respects, this has led to a dramatic increase in the practice of microdosing over the last few years. Taking a small controlled amount of cannabis allows the user to get the same experience each time they dose. This also applies to medicinal users that want to use just enough cannabis to get the desired effects.

Microdosing has also become a popular option among cannabis newbies and even longtime aficionados. Longtime users know what they want, and consistency of cannabis is essential. People new to cannabis are interested in microdosing because it’s like drinking a glass of wine. A fun little taste or a quick band-aid depending on the kind of cannabis product they try.

Microdosing gives people flexibility with their cannabis use, improves quality of life for medicinal users, and offers consistent experiences for recreational users. In the often uncertain cannabis industry, one thing is sure: The rise of vaporizers and professionally produced edibles means microdosing is here to stay.

Here are some of my favorites: